IMPROV in 2021

The art form of improvisation is a lifelong endeavor and one never “arrives” at the end but continues to strive and thrive while on the journey…IMPROV is the place where you add to your craft while learning, playing, reading and watching others improvise.

Larry Bukovey and Mary Rachel Quinn will teach a virtual Improv workshop. This Level 1 4 hour workshop
 will help you discover the joy and benefits of improv. Improv is an especially invaluable tool for actors, who embrace the core belief that everyone needs to be quicker on their feet and everyone needs laughter, no matter their profession. The quicker you are on your feet, the more successful you will be in any demanding and competitive business.


This art form is for everyone. And, the more you “Yes And” the better you will become both on and off the stage. The event will be hosted via Zoom! And, the Zoom link will be emailed directly to you on the day of the workshop. 

     When:  Saturday, February 20, 2021

     Time:   12pm to 4pm est

     Where:  Zoom (link emailed the day of the workshop)

     Price:   $75.00

Let's learn, laugh and play!