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Vivian Celeste Fleming-Alvarez was born in Tampa, Florida, and discovered her interest in the performing arts at age 15, when she entered the Leon C. King High School cheerleader try-outs. After failing to make the cut, the baseball coach approached Vivian, "Sorry you didn't make it, but I heard your dance routine was awesome. You should try-out for the dance team!" She earned a spot on the squad and her interest in performing grew into a passion that would last for decades.


After graduating high school, Vivian spent 4 years as a NFL Football Cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, aka The Swash-BUC-Lers, but it was only the beginning. Vivian continued to advance through other careers, earning the respect of her peers and continuously challenging her limits. 

In 1992, Vivian enrolled in her first acting class. Shortly after, she became pregnant with her first child and decided to focus solely on her expanding family. In 2008, after raising 2 boys, Vivian rejoined the acting community and, in less than a year, secured representation and booked her first role on A&E's Army Wives (2010).

To date, Vivian has booked roles in numerous films grossing over 359 million dollars worldwide, TV shows like Women of the Movement, Greenleaf, Queen Sugar, Being MaryJane and many more, all while working alongside some of the greatest directors and actors of our generation. And, now she enjoys expanding her instrument and craft as a bi-coastal performer, to a heartfelt acting coach eager to pass along her experiences to the open and willing performers of the world.

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The VFA Acting and Performance Studio was created organically as a result of Vivian's personal experiences growing from a newcomer, to a professional working actor. Fueled by years of auditioning on-tape and in-person, driving across states for call-backs, and deciphering the respective lingo of casting directors, sparked the idea to pass on this collective knowledge, in hopes to save you months of trial-and-error. Vivian's goal is to demystify working in the entertainment business, and centers the curriculum around her motto "It's never too late to pursue a dream that will fill your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical needs."

The VFA was designed to help students develop the three core elements of an actor's career: Business, Instrument, and Craft. Students will create a business plan, condition their instrument, and cultivate their unique craft. If you actively nurture these principles, you'll be prepared to WIN any opportunity presented. Please note, "winning" doesn’t mean booking every role you audition for. "Winning" means becoming a respected player in one of the most difficult industries in the world; upholding a reputation as a reliable performer; impressing the right people with your attention to detail; and earning your place as a casting director's natural choice for roles that fit you.


Successful actors recognize their career requires unyielding dedication, indomitable self-discipline, and unrelenting drive. The VFA is dedicated to creating meta-performing actors who understand how the entertainment business is constantly evolving and how to evolve with it. The first step is to make the commitment.

"The successful actor remains always ready, so they don’t have to get ready. That is how they win." 

~ Vivian Fleming-Alvarez

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