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Scene Study:  Ongoing “Winning” Homework

Successful actors know the importance of preparing for anything, and it takes dedication, discipline, and drive to meet their goals. You want to always BE ready, so you don’t have to GET ready to give your best audition. This ongoing class is designed for actors who want to take their business, instrument, and craft to the next level. 


“Winning” Homework includes: 

- Keeping your instrument and craft fresh, available, and relevant 

- How to breakdown a script 

- Difference between listening and hearing 

- Discovering how to be in the moment 

- Never be caught “acting” 

- Character development 

- Living truthfully as the character 

- Grounding your work 

- Becoming a thinking, competent, and compassionate actor 

- Making strong, connected choices 

- How to develop a backstory 

- Time and place awareness 

- The importance of inner dialogues 

- How non-verbals/body language keeps energy in the scene 

-On-Camera Technique

- Focus, Trust & Play

The monthly rate is due on the 1st of the month @ $43.75 per class for the number of Thursdays during the month. For example, if there are 4 Thursdays during the month then multiply $43.75 x 4 = $175.00 is the tuition for the month. 

Cancellation Policy

No REFUNDS. Refunds are only given if instructor(s) are unable to hold session(s).  

Current Courses Being Offered:

     8:00pm Thursday's Night (In-Person) Ongoing Classes 


*Drop-in class $65.00

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