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Ongoing Virtual On-Camera “Winning” Technique

This on-camera class helps you create a path to winning, so you can be present, relaxed, and available to your character’s life. Your preparedness will allow you to enjoy the journey. I will meet you at your level & help you develop your unique auditioning process. 


The on-camera class will simulate an actual audition as closely as possible. The audition work can be any scene you choose to work on, including scenes for an upcoming audition. Please don’t bring scenes to class that require an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), those scenes can be scheduled for a Private Coaching Session. 


This will ensure both you & the studio are working in good-faith and protecting the body of work, as well as ourselves. To simulate an actual audition, you’ll be partnered with a classmate who will be your “reader” for the scene. After which, the instructor will offer adjustments to practice taking direction & being flexible with your character choices.

The monthly rate is due on the 1st of the month @ $40.00 per class for the number of weeks during the month for your chosen day. For example, if there are 4 Wednesdays during the month then multiply $40.00 x 4 = $160.00 is the tuition for the month.

Cancellation Policy

No REFUNDS. Refunds are only given if instructor(s) are unable to hold session(s).  Making up a class is possible and based on available space  in other similarly offered class.

Current Courses Being Offered:

     7:00pm Wednesday's East Coast Session 

     7:30pm Wednesday's West Coast Session

*Drop-in class $65.00