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Youth Ongoing Scene Study:

Along with dedication, discipline and drive, our young folks have an abundant amount of energy, fearlessness and imagination. What a time to hone all these gifts and talent! These youthful actors learn tools to create characters that maybe life experience doesn't necessary allow them you draw upon. This ongoing class is designed to develop skills for a lifetime. 

- Keeping your instrument and craft fresh, available, and relevant 

- Scene parallels

- Identifying and using sub-personality

- How to take directions 
- Thinking quick on your feet | Improv 

- How to breakdown a script 

- Discovering how to be in the moment 

- Character development 

- Living truthfully as the character 

- Grounding your work 

- Becoming a thinking, competent, and compassionate actor 

- Making strong, connected choices 

- How a backstory can help their character's life

- Time and place awareness 

- The importance of inner dialogues 

- How non-verbals/body language keeps energy in the scene 

- Focus, Trust & Play

The monthly rate is due on the 1st of the month @ $43.75 per class for the number of weeks during the month for your chosen day. For example, if there are 4 Wednesdays during the month then multiply $43.75 x 4 = $175.00 is the tuition for the month.

Current Courses Being Offered:

     3:30pm est. Wednesday Youth East Coast Session 


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